Annual Dues Payment

Last updated 12/2/2015

Every year every Boy Scout group goes through a process to renew their charter with Boy Scout of America. Pack 1483 is no exception. When the pack’s re-chartering information is submitted, we need to turn in a check for the annual dues. All of the scouts that signed up during Join Scouting Night already paid. They paid for the last three months of this year and all of next. For our returning scouts, payment for your annual dues is needed. The cost is:

If you would like to use your scout account (funds earns through the sale of popcorn) to pay for the annual dues, please request current balance from your den leader or email If you scout has sold more than $850 worth of popcorn this year (or has accrued earnings from prior years), they will most likely have enough to cover the dues entirely. All others that desire to use scout account, you will need to use the form below to pay the balance.

Payment options are as follows:

Option 1: Payment by check
  • $150.00 for new scouts
  • $50.00 for Webelos II scouts
  • $125.00 for all other scouts
Please make the check payable to "Pack 1483" and bring it to the pack meeting, or you may deliver it to the Pack's treasurer, contact him at Refer to the costs section above to determine the fees.  If you are making a partial payment by check and rest from the scout account, please indicate the amount to deduct from the scout accout as a note or on the check's memo line.
Option 2: Payment by Credit Card/Paypal

  • $155.00 for new scouts
  • $52.00 for Webelos II scouts
  • $129.00 for all other scouts
Please note dues include an additional $2-$5 to cover paypal fees incurred by the pack.

Use either full payment option or partial payment option below.