Webelos-o-ree is an exciting weekend that introduces Webelos I and Webelos II to the Boy Scout program with an emphasis on outdoor skills. The Webelos work directly with Boy Scouts in activities such as fire building, First Aid, knots, knife safety, etc. There are plenty of other activities such as BB gun shooting, archery, and sling shots.

After the day’s activities you’ll enjoy a hearty meal (included in your registration (Package A and B,)) then enjoy a campfire presented by the District’s OA (Order of the Arrow,) Arrowmen. You’ll then retire to your campsite for a beautiful evening sleeping under the stars. On Sunday you enjoy a continental breakfast followed by an optional non-denominational chapel service before cleaning up and heading home.
Many more details in the packet attached to the bottom of this page.

When: October 25-26, 2014 

Check-In: Saturday 7:30 - 9:00 am

Check-Out: Sunday, no later than 10:00 am

Where: Camp Snyder, Haymarket VA

Cost: *Package A - $20.00 per person | *Package B - $16.00 per person | *Package C - $8.00 per Webelos

*Register no later than 10/5 and check to Doug Schnelzer by 10/11.  
Package A – Camping overnight. You enjoy all activities, including dinner, and this package fulfills Outdoorsman Activity Badge #3A, #8 or Arrow of Light Requirement #5, or #4 requirement: With your Webelos Den visit at least one Boy Scout-oriented outdoor activity.
Package B – Staying for dinner and campfire – This package includes all the activities and dinner, but you don’t stay camp overnight. This package fulfills Outdoorsman Activity Badge #8 or one of the Arrow of Light #4 requirements.
Package C – Visiting for the day only. This package gives the boys the chance to enjoy the day’s activities. There is no dinner or campfire included with this program.
Registration: Registration is mandatory and should be submitted no later than October 5th for Package A and B. 

    From Sterling/Cascades/Ashburn (about 45 minutes):
      1. Travel south on Route 28 to Interstate 66.
      2. Travel west on Interstate 66 to exit #40 (Haymarket, VA).
      3. Travel south (left) on Route 15 to the first traffic light (1/4 mile) and turn right ontoRoute 55 (John Marshall Hwy). A Sheetz station will be on the opposite corner.
      4. Travel west about 1 mile to Antioch Road.
      5. Turn right onto Antioch Road, go over 66, and follow signs to Camp Snyder on the left.
      Doug Schnelzer,
      Sep 22, 2014, 3:50 PM