Booth Sales

Booth sales are a critical way for us to meet our Pack and scout sales goals. They can make up to 25-40% of our gross sales. Booth selling is also an important way for us to demonstrate good community relations. We sell on the premises of local businesses and MUST show them respect while delivering good customer service to our buyers.
Signing Up for a Booth Shift:
Signing up for an open booth shift is very easy using the embedded document below. For planning purposes, the Popcorn Coordinators cannot accept any additions to the schedule after 1:00PM on Fridays. After that time, the sign up for the coming weekend is closed.
Some days/shifts are being reserved for our new Tiger rank. New days/shifts may be added at any time. These additions will be broadcast to the Pack as they occur.
To claim a Booth Sales shift:
  • Review the embedded Booth Shift document below and identify an open slot (with zero or one name).
  • When ready to book a shift, CLICK HERE to open the Booth Shift document in a new window.
  • Add your scout's name, den number, and email address to the document.
  • The document will be automatically saved.
  • Please do not change any information in the document except adding your information to a row.
  • Please note your selected time, date, and sales partner.
  • You will be contacted via email a couple of days before your shift to confirm and to arrange for pick up of the booth materials and product. 
Shift Logistics:
  • All booth shift sellers MUST pick up their own Booth Bundle of product by the designated Depot times prior to your shift and return unsold items and money to the Depot NO LATER THAN Sunday at 8pm! The sooner the better.
  • The first booth shift sellers on either Saturday or Sunday MUST pick up the sales table, ad board, military donation box, and change for your sales site and leave it for use throughout the day. Coordinators will work with you to ensure you have what is needed.
  • The last booth shift sellers on either Saturday or Sunday MUST return the sales table, ad board, and military donation box to the Depot on that same day. It is critical the last shift on Saturday bring materials back immediately after your shift ends at 4pm so the Sunday sellers can pick them up.
Additional Instructions:
  • Our goal is to have two scouts in every slot. The sales for a shift will be credited equally based on who shows up. A lone seller will get 100% of the sales at that site for the shift worked. Work with your Den mates to work together.
  • It is preferable that every scout have a parent in attendance. Our Youth Protection requirements demand that if two scouts are present from different families, then both parents must be present in order to comply with our two-deep leadership rule.
  • If you need to cancel at the last minute, please find a replacement from your Den and let the Popcorn Coordinators know of the change.
  • Scouts should wear their Class A uniform while selling.
  • Do not let scouts hide behind the sales table. Have them out in front of the table holding one of the products and politely approach customers with a simple, prepared sales pitch.
  • Place a mixture of product on the table so customers can see everything we are offering.
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Pack 1483 Popcorn Booth Sales Form

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