Scouting for Food

posted Oct 25, 2010, 7:28 AM by Webmaster Pack1483   [ updated Nov 12, 2012, 10:50 AM by John Horner ]
Each year Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts all over Loudoun County
participate in Scouting for Food, a service program that helps feed those in need in our county. On 3 November, Pack 1483 dens will organize, visit designated Broadlands streets, and tie grocery bags and instructions to doors. On 10 November, dens will organize again to collect bags of donated food and bring those collections to Hillside Elementary for loading into a massive truck for delivery to a local food bank.
In 2010, our Pack collected over 7,000 pounds of food and led the Goose Creek District! We have all of our friends and neighbors in Broadlands to thank (and we should do so often) for their tremendous generosity in such difficult economic times. We are hoping again for a great turn out and a successful service campaign. Above all, we hope our scouts learn about "giving of ourselves" and taking some responsibility for caring for our community.
Coordinator: Dan Marsh, 703-421-7766,
As this event requires the Den to operate as a unit, Den Coordinators are required! It is the Den Coordinator and Den Leadership's responsibility to make sure the instructions below are followed and completed on time.
STEP 1: Prior to Bag Distribution
Task 1: Once you have received your supplies, please review the map to make sure you understand your assigned area of the neighborhood. If you have any questions regarding the maps, please contact the Scouting for Food Coordinator.
Task 2: You will need to have the flyers STAPLED to the outside of the bags before bag distribution. Also, it is a good idea to bring a stapler with you when you are distributing bags just in case you need to pick up more supplies.
STEP 2: Bag Distribution — Saturday, 3 November 2012
As a Den, visit each of the assigned streets on your map and distribute the empty bags and instructions. Do not start distributing bags prior to Saturday, November 3. If you need extra time, you have through Wednesday, 7 November to finish putting out the bags.
Make sure the boys wear either a Class A uniform or a Class B T-shirt when they are out distributing bags. Remember to use two-deep leadership and to make sure the boys use the Buddy System.
Make sure the boys respect homeowner’s property. Walk on driveways and walkways, not through the grass and shrubs. You do not need to knock on doors when you are distributing bags.
IMPORTANT—PLEASE MAKE SURE THE BAGS ARE TIED TO OR OTHERWISE ATTACHED IN SOME WAY TO THE DOOR HANDLE!!!!! It is imperative that the bags are attached, otherwise they will blow away with the first wind gust and there will be a lot of litter with our name all over it blowing around Broadlands. Adults will have to tail behind the scouts or go with them up to each house to be sure that the bags are not just draped over door handles.
If you have surplus bags and flyers or if you need extra bags and flyers, there will be a station set up at Dan Marsh’s home at 21503 Golden Autumn Place, Broadlands, VA,  20148. The supplies will be in a weatherproof container on the porch. Please do not ring the bell, just get what you need or leave extras behind. The supply station will be set up between Saturday and Wednesday.
STEP 3: Food Pick-up—Saturday, 10 November 2012 9AM-12PM
As a Den, revisit each of the assigned streets on your map and collect bags of food from front porches. We recommend bringing a wagon or having a larger car or mini-van follow the group for food transport. Some families are very generous with their donations and have donated entire trunk loads full of food.
Knock on all doors that do not have food bags already out front to give a gentle reminder. Adults, please make sure to remind the scouts not to go inside anyone’s home. It is a natural thing for a homeowner to invite in a guest at the door, but for safety reasons they must wait outside.
Make sure the boys wear their Class A uniform on food pick-up day.
Bring empty boxes for the food transport vehicle. It is imperative to separate all glass items into cardboard boxes. If an adult can perform this separation upon collection, it would be a huge help. We will have a group of people at the collection site going through bags as well, but if you can separate out the glass first, it will go a lot faster.
Have extra bags handy as sometimes you will need to double bag items. We will have extras at Hillside as well.
When your vehicle fills up, bring the contents to Hillside Elementary School. Some dens will need to make several trips or have several people with cars willing to transport to the collection site.
IMPORTANT—IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WITH YOUR AREA, PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL AND WE WILL SEND PEOPLE TO HELP YOU. There are dens that finish early that can assist dens who are running late.
Some people may give you a monetary donation. That is perfectly fine. Please accept the money and bring it back to the collection site. I will collect the donation money and make a run to the grocery store before I head out to Sterling.
STEP 4: Loading, Transport, and Delivery to Sterling
Upon arrival at Hillside, you will be instructed on where to place your bags of collected food. The food will need to be sorted and then carefully loaded into a large truck. Scouts are more than capable of helping with this step and many find it fun to do. Breakfast snacks will be available for everyone.
When your Den is finished loading your food, please check out with Shawn so we know all groups are accounted for.
When all the food has been loaded into the truck, we will make one trip to the Food Bank in Sterling. We will need some people to come with us to help unload the truck. This is totally optional, but can be a rewarding experience.
Helping unload the truck and seeing how our collections are weighed and sorted into the food bank inventory is a great experience. More fullfilling is staying at the food bank and helping to stock the shelves and tables. The food bank staff is typically overwhelmed with the many thousands of pounds of food delivered that day and they appreciate any help we are able to provide.
STEP 5: Volunteer at a Food Bank (Optional)
Approaching the Thanksgiving holiday, there are opportunities at many local food banks to help on "Store Days." These are days when families visit the food banks to gather food needed to feed their families. Volunteering may involve helping stock tables, pushing grocery carts to cars, or loading trunks. This happens year round, so we recommend finding time as a family or as a den to volunteer at a food bank. Participating in this step shows our scouts the end result of their food collection efforts and helps them better appreciate the disparity of needs within our own county.