Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting (FOS) is an annual giving campaign that supports and enhances the Scouting program here at home. FOS donations are different from the Boy Scout Association and Pack dues we pay each year. Our annual BSA dues go straight to the National BSA Headquarters in Texas. Our annual Pack dues stay here with Pack 1483 and support patches and awards, leadership training and program materials, Boy’s Life subscriptions, Class B uniforms, registrations, facility use fees, etc.

FOS donations support the professional scouting staff, programs, and facilities in the National Capital Area Council and the Goose Creek District, from which we all benefit. FOS donations support the following program-related items:

  • Communications – NCAC website, publications that are sent home such as Scouter’s Digest
  • Serving the Community – Scouting for Food, Camperships
  • Camping Program – Snyder, Goshen and Day Camp resources
  • Recruitment – Join Scouting Night fliers, signs, posters, free giveaways, applications recruitment videos
  • Youth and Volunteer Awards – Costs $100 to process one Eagle Scout Award and about $30 to process a leader/youth recognition
  • Adult Training – POW WOW, University of Scouting, Commissioners College

FOS donations help train our Pack volunteers and staff, furnish and repair camping equipment at our awesome camp sites like Camp Snyder and Goshen, provide scouting and camp experiences to boys who would otherwise not be able to participate, support leader recognitions, and provide insurance protection for volunteers and youth.

Bottom line, without the generosity of FOS donations and the support of the NCAC and Goose Creek District, we would not have the programs, camps, training, and assistance available to us at the Pack level that are so critical to our incredibly successful Pack 1483 program.

Visit the NCAC FOS Campaign page to read more about this important initaitive. Showing your support for this giving campaign is more important than the donation amount. Tax deductible donations for FOS will be collected at the Blue and Gold Banquet or you can donate on-line at the FOS Campaign link above. Incentive gifts are available for some donation amounts.

Thank you for your support.