New Scout Information

Welcome to Pack 1483! Your adventures in Scouting has begun, and those all-important questions are beginning to quickly pile up. We hope to answer as many as possible here. Please check back as we'll be updating this page as often as we can.

  • What are the Class A and B uniforms?
  • What do I need to purchase for the Scout starting equipment and uniform?
  • So where can I purchase these items?
  • Ok, I have everything purchased. Where do I sew it on?

What are the Class A and B uniforms?

In Scouting we refer to uniforms in 2 classes, A and B.

Class A uniforms are what you would normally see a Scout in. It consists of the scout shirt, belt, hat, neckerchief and slide. In Pack 1483 the scout pants are optional due to how quickly the boys grow at this age.

Examples of where Class A uniforms are worn:

  • All Pack meetings
  • All Den meetings*
  • Go-See-Its*
  • Indoor events such as Pinewood Derby and Blue and Gold
  • Scout Sunday
  • Popcorn sales
  • Scouting for Food
  • Watching of sporting events (Globetrotters, Capitals, Nationals, etc).

* unless otherwise specified by the Den Leader

Wolf Scouts in Class A Uniforms during Scouting for Food

Class B uniforms are the short-sleeve activity T-Shirts. They can be worn with or without the hat. Class B shirts are given to each Scout at the yearly Pinewood Derby and they are included with your yearly dues (no extra cost).

Examples of where Class B uniforms are worn:

  • Outdoor events such as the Bike Rodeo, Airplane Derby, Soda Bottle Rocket Derby
  • Spring/Fall Family Campouts
  • Events were getting dirty is a high likelihood of happening!

Scouts in Class B Uniforms fishing at Cub Scout Camp Goshen

What do I need to purchase for the Scout starting equipment and Class A Uniform?

Good question! The Pack will provide the following to you:

  • Tiger Neckerchief
  • Tiger Book
  • NCAC Patch
  • Pack 1483 Numbers

You will need to purchase:

  1. Blue Cub Scout Shirt
  2. Purple Scout Crest patch
  3. Den number
  4. Tiger Hat
  5. Tiger Neckerchief Slide
  6. Cub Scout Belt
  7. Optional Red Brag Vest
  8. Optional Scout Pants
  9. Optional Scout Socks

Blue Cub Scout Shirt

*Note: The shirt comes with the US flag already sewn on.

Be sure to get a loose size, your Scout will most likely use this shirt throughout Cub Scouting.

We recommend getting a short-sleeve shirt.

Purple Scout Crest patch

Den number

*Note: Be sure to get the correct number for your Den!

Tiger Hat

It comes in several sizes, be sure to get the right one.

Tiger Neckerchief Slide

Cub Scout Belt

*Note: Most of our Scouts use this (or the Wolf symbol) belt throughout Cub Scouting.

Optional Red Brag Vest

*Note: Get one a that fits nice and loose. They will use this vest throughout Cub Scouting.

Most Scouts have purchased this before they have made Wolf rank.

Optional Scout Shorts/Pants (we recommend not buying as they outgrow them so fast.)

Optional Scout Socks (again optional as above)

Are you a Den Leader or Assistant Den Leader? Don't forget your items!

Tiger Cub Leader

Assistant Den Leader

Boy Scout Shirt (worn by all leaders regardless of rank/sex)

Other items:

Purple Scout Crest patch and Den Number patch (see above).

You are not required to wear a hat/neckerchief/slide but you are more than welcome to.

So where can I purchase these items?

The best places are:

9 West Market St,

Leesburg 20176


* Note: Although their selection is limited, Leesburg Hobbies is our preferred location to shop as it's close to the Broadlands.

Just continue on 7 and merge onto Market Street. Park at the garage on the left.

National Capital Scout Shop

9190 Rockville Pike,

Bethesda, MD 20814



Ok, I have everything purchased. Where do I sew it on?

You can look at the Official Cub Scout Uniform Diagram for guidance and correct placement. Leaders can use the official Scout Leader Uniform Diagram.

The uniform looks like this when completed:

Note that the Tiger Cub Immediate Recognition Kit (the paw with hanging beads shown in the diagram) will be provided later to all Tiger Scouts by the Pack (as with the badges of rank).

You can either sew the patches on, or use one of the many types of glues. We recommend sewing as it will last through multiple washes and will not fall off as glues will eventually loosen with activity.