The 2017 Popcorn Sales Program has Arrived!!!

This page should have just about all the information you will need to understand and get started, but if not, email us with any questions at

Sales Goals: For the last five years, the pack averages $30,000 of popcorn sales of which $5,000 is in military and other donations. Our Pack goal this year is to sell at least $20K in popcorn.

Each Scout's sales goal for this year is $900. Any boy who sells at least that amount will earn enough money to fund an entire year's program.

Quick Links:

Depot Information: Each Den has its own Popcorn Kernel and inventory. Please contact the appropriate Kernel below to get product for any booth or personal bundle sales.

Den Kernels:


Den 6 - Len Poe


Den 2 - Anil Das

Den 5 - Jen Martin

Den 7 - David Pricer & Gabe Casserly


Den 4 - Rosie Mirick

Webelos I

Den 8 - Vaishal & Aana Sheth

Webelos II / Arrow of Light

Den 3 - John Raymer

Den 11 - Jen Gozzi

Payment Methods: There are three methods of payment.

  • CASH is always accepted.
  • CHECKS must be made payable to "Pack 1483".
    • CREDIT CARDS will be accepted like year's past with Square. All users from last year should find their accounts reactivated.
      • To Enroll: Email with name and email.
      • Square Readers: Check with Den Kernel or order a free one here. Note: you will need an adapter if your phone does not have a headphone jack.
      • Your account MUST be setup by the Pack, so please DO NOT use personal accounts.
      • If you don't see popcorn product items listed do not use the account for CC sales.
      • Important: please track and report all CC sales weekly to your Den Kernels to ensure your Scout gets full credit.

Methods of Sale:

  • Personal Sales
    • Opt 1: Take a sales form to your customers, show them the product selections, and collect orders on the form. Customers could be neighbors, friends, family, or co-workers. Every week submit your orders via this NEW ONLINE DEPOT FORM. You pick up your product from the depot, deliver it to your customers and collect the money, then turn in the money to the Depot.
    • Opt 2: Request a bundle from your Den Kernel, then go selling with product in hand. Customers are more likely to buy if they can see the product and have it immediately. If you run out of certain items, you can take orders.
  • Booth Sales
    • Sign up in Den Scout pairs via this ONLINE BOOTH SIGNUP DOCUMENT to sell product at local shopping center locations, such as Giant, Peet's, the All American Steak House and others in September and October. You and your Scout will practice your best sales techniques in 2 hour selling shifts. Sales credit is split evenly between scouts participating. Each block of time is franchised to the seller(s). You will be provided a Booth Sales Bundle, table, selling board, and a donations collection box from your Den Kernel. You show up, place your product, and sell. You then return the unsold product and collected money that weekend to your Den Kernel.
  • Online Sales
      • Sell to friends and family that are not in our immediate area. This option is primarily for customers who want product shipped directly to their homes. Setup an account through the Trail’s End and email your customers an invitation to buy. Or you can use the new Trail's End Mobile App. Product availability is tied to the National Trail’s End offering and do differ from our local product offerings. The Pack and your scout still get commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of selling popcorn? -----> For the Pack and the parents, popcorn funds our program. At least 20% of all popcorn sales are provided directly to Scout Accounts which can be used for dues, camping and events. Scout Accounts also follow boys when they move on to Boy Scouts. Remaining amounts are used to fund the Pack expenses such as awards, adult registration fees and training, materials and other things to make our program great. For the boys, allowing them an opportunity to work and raise funds for their own Scouting involvement is a great lesson in self-sufficiency.
  • Can we take donations? -----> Yes. Donors can make donations. They can also buy popcorn for our military oversees in select donation amounts of $50 and $30. Monies in increments of less than $50 or $30 will be pooled together and can be used to buy down remaining inventory at the end of the fundraiser. This purchased product has traditionally been donated directly to a military organization such as the USO or Operation Homefront.
  • Can we separate boxes of product and sell individually? -----> In the past, some enterprising sellers have attempted to sell individual microwave packages for $1 each. Unfortunately, this is not allowed. Individual packages are not labeled with nutrition and allergy information. They must be sold within the original packaging for $18 per box. The same is true of the larger collections (Cheese Lover's etc). We cannot sell the packages inside the box individually.